Tuesday, October 5, 2010

DISNEY - FINAL DAY -Thurs 30th Sept USA time

Hi All,
yesterday we did another day at Epcot and today on our final day,we are doing Animal Kingdom and Hollywood Studios.

So first Animal Kingdom - this is a lovely park themed entirely on animals and raising awareness on animal protection and an insight into the world of wild animals.  We enjoyed a short twenty minute Kilimanjaro Safari where we were driven around in an open air safari vehicle and observed such animals as Elephants, Rhinos, Giraffes, Gazelles and several other wild animals.  Was fairly sedate and of course had the disney touch of pretend poachers that needed to be caught etc during the safari.  Much fun and a chance to see these animals in a non caged environment - I guess they are fed so well they can't be bothered to eat each other!!

We also went to the "Finding Nemo - The Musical" - WOW what a fantastic show - and the costumes were absolutely outstanding - a total gem in the Disney family.  Photos will show a little of how amazing it was...

Final ride was a whip round on the Kali river Rapids - a cute little raft ride down a fairly disappointing route - of course it was still good enough to be saturated but luckily we came prepared and took changes of clothing for Hollie and a poncho for me!
After only a half a day at Animal Kingdom we hot footed it over to Hollywood Studios...

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  1. Looks and sounds like you are having an awesome time, have enjoyed catching up on what you have been up too. Had a great time in Melbourne but my holiday was not as exciting as yours!!!! Sounds like you will need a holiday to recover when you get back.