Thursday, September 30, 2010

Ahhhhg we are falling behind!

We are having such long days and such an awesome time, we get back to our hotel and fall into coma instantly then wake up and do another HUGE day!
Inside Harry Potter's Castle!

We had Dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe

Outside Poseidons Fury - an awesome animated show with fire and water
Our third day at Universal studios was a combination of both sides of the park and a chance to do our favourite rides again and again if we chose - a few more pictures to show ourexploits ...
Highlights of today were definitely going inside the Harry Potter Castle to do the Forbidden Journey ride - wow what a breathtaking ride - too scary for Hollie and I just about coped - special effects nothing you could ever imagine - FANTASTIC!
 The next day we leave Universal Studios and head for Disney about 20 minutes south.
See ya later...

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