Saturday, September 25, 2010


Hi All!
After a long 12 hour flight from Auckland to San Francisco we arrived after very little sleep on the plane, but an easy flight otherwise.  We arrived late in the afternoon but with enough time to catch the BART train transport into San Francisco downtown and catch the cable car on the Powell Line which took us down into Fishermans Wharf.  It was a gorgeous sunny warm afternoon and we had dinner in a funky restaurant with the local seafood - prawns and scallops! Yummy!  We then went back to the hotel and had a six hour sleep before we got a shuttle back to the airport at 4am! 
We then caught our short flight to Orlando via Denver which was flat and desert like!
BabyBot on the plane San Francisco

San Francisco Cable car

This bread was at a famous bakery in Fishermans wharf and was made into all sorts of shapes - teddies, alligators, and turtles!


  1. Go Babybot looking fantastic on the plane. Loving that bread.

  2. Isn't San Francisco cool!!! That bread is amazing. And the cable cars are so cool. Babybot seemed to enjoy the flight too!!