Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Universal Studios - Day two (Sat 25th)

On Saturday (your sunday) was our second day at universal.  This second theme park is based on movies past and present. You walk though Hollywood which had tributes to Lucille Ball and older movie stars. While walking thru there we saw one of the little yellow characters from the new movie "Despicable Me" - his name was Dave and we also filmed him doin some groovy moves to music - we will show you that footage later.
Hollie and Dave

We also went on the some cool motion simulator rides - best one was The Simpsons Ride - which was AWESOME! You go into Krustyland with the Simpsons and the baddy was trying to kill us throughout the whole ride in an amazing 3D simulator and it sprays water at you when Maggie spat you out of her mouth - you just had to be there!
Another cool ride was Men In Black where you sit in these cool seats and go into a world where you shoot Aliens with these cool as guns!  We went on the ET ride where you sit in seats shaped like bikes - you hold onto the handle bars and it takes you through these cool scenes like you are flying - really cool fun.
We went on the Jaws ride on a little boat - it was Ok but rather dissappointing - bit ready to be replaced we would say!
We also enjoyed the Jimmy Neutron ride another awesome simulator ride.

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  1. Another awesome day, sounds like a fun place - Simpsons ride sounds great. Fab pics - you would not be wearing shorts here!! Keep having fun and keep up the blogging.